LECC is an ENGAGING world for your Toddler to Explore, Learn, Grow, and experience Love.

Our Program

Our Toddler (little Movers/Tots) program is designed to build the cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social development of all the one and two-year old’s in our care. Here at LifehouseECC, we believe children learn through play, so our classrooms are designed to be safe spaces that allow our Toddlers to engage with the world around them. Teachers will provide a lot of hands-on play activities for Toddlers to participate in that include both teacher-guided instruction and child -initiated exploration. We encourage our Toddlers to explore their classroom to create a sense of independence and confidence. Our teachers will build off children’s natural curiosity and interests to promote hands-on investigative learning.

While still maintaining a commitment to responsive caregiving, teachers intentionally support the development and learning of the children in their care. Across our Toddler program, children are introduced to foundational academic concepts such as phonics, language arts, numbers, art, music and Bible. Your Toddlers will soon begin to recognize basic colors, shapes, letter sounds, number concepts, as well as learning to be kind, love God, share and obey, tell the truth, and be helpers.

Additionally, our curriculum makes sure your Toddler stays on task and meets their milestones that are age appropriate for them. Our teachers at LECC use the Teaching Strategies Gold objectives for development and learning and will give each Toddler in their care targeted, individualized, and age-appropriate “goals” to achieve throughout the year. These goals will be updated and tracked to ensure each Toddler is progressing developmentally. One big milestone for our Toddlers is when they demonstrate readiness to toilet train and working with them as they progress through the stages of toilet training.

Program Highlights


A program designed to assist individual growth and development of the whole-child: cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and social development


Safe, engaging spaces for Toddlers to explore God’s world around them


Learning centers/activities that include language arts, reading, math, bible, music, art, fine motor, dramatic play, science and sensory exploration, and outdoor experience


Partnership with parents


Character development/discipleship based on foundational biblical truths to develop kindness, listening, obeying quickly, etc.


Individualized targeted "goals" and tracking

Our Promise

Here at LifehouseECC, we are committed to loving, nurturing, and protecting your Toddler while they are in our care. At the end of the day, every child will receive a “daily report” to inform you of how your child’s day was. We encourage and appreciate communication between families and our teachers, to ensure the best quality care for each child in our center.

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